View Full Version : Problem with SecuRom 7.37.0014

22.10.2008, 15:05
As the thread-title says I've got a SecuRom-Problem with one of my study-dvds.
I want to create images on my pc to use with my notebook, which hasn't got a dvd drive. I used DT Pro Advanced 4.30.0303 to create one with the following settings: New Securom; reading speed 4x (lowest) and dpm-speeed 4x (lowest). I have removed Alcohol 120% and all the other emulators and virtual drives.
When i mount it with the DT Pro-drive i get a message telling me that there is a problem with an emulation software. When I additionally use YASU, I get a message telling me that there is a problem with "security module" that couldn't be started.
The DVD is some kind of "interactive movie" with powerpoint-like presentation and voice output.
There is nothing to install, so CureRom doesn't help. The start.exe is a Macromedia Projector file. I hope you can help me.

Sorry for my bad english, but I'm austrian.

22.10.2008, 17:54
Change virtual drive parameters to something like your physical drive - should work.

Also ensure you are mounting into vIDE.

24.10.2008, 07:03
Ok, I tried creating a vIDE drive, but it doesn't work. I always get an error-massage telling me about a "drive conflict 28" (Laufwerkkonflikt 28; i don't know how to translate it right.)
What can I do?