View Full Version : d-tools openis the virtual disk folder (e.g.(F:)) instead of starting game.

22.10.2008, 17:36
I'm trying to play a game without a disc (nfs:most wanted) but when I mount the image (.mds file) it opens a folder with lots of different files in it called NFSMW (F:) instead of starting the game. It also has a folder in to called autorun but when I click on that nothing happens.
Please help!

22.10.2008, 17:57
It seems autorun on the disk is a bit buggy or wrongly placed.

Anyway how have you created your image?
Does the game starts when running the game shortcut?

22.10.2008, 20:36
I dont know much about it coz its on my brothers desktop computer and he's away at uni. (don't particularly wanna try asking him or i'll end up having ' why the hell are you touching my computer!! ' shouted at me lol)
If this helps, it has a folder on the program files called nfsmw, in there it has the folders: sound, subtitles, cars, language etc.. , and the folder which has the image in= NFSMW-MINI
It also has the launch one and eauninstall n stuff..

While looking round the internet though i found a site which had someone saying the same thing, and somebody replied with "it doesn't write daemon.exe at the end of the path in the Run registry entry, so at startup, it will always opens the installation folder instead of launching the program."
but i dont have a clue what that means.. btw thanks for replying so fast :) I didn't think i'd get a reply by tomorrow.
I seem to have waffled on a bit.. sorry..

22.10.2008, 20:39
Then you have to wait until he is back; DT just calls the AutoPlay header and if none is found on the disk, it calls Windows what to do and when Windows says, open the dvd with explorer, it just does it.

22.10.2008, 20:57
lol when he comes back i'll never get near the thing (he hardly uses the desktop since he got a laptop but he still wont let me use it- brotherly love?)
thanks anyways :)