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22.10.2008, 21:11
Daemon Tools latest with yasu and vista ultimate x64. Running without yasu i get the regular emulation software found and loading yasu i get

A required security module cannot be activated.
This program cannot be executed (5023).

Any workarounds yet ??

22.10.2008, 21:15
Should be the latest SecuROM version. So you have to wait for an updated YASU or DT version.

Offtopic: You still require the DVD after activating?

22.10.2008, 21:34
From the Ubisoft forums:

- You have 5 activations per machine on 3 separate PCs.

- The 3 machine activations can be concurrent, but you must have the disc in the drive to run the game

- Uninstalling the game “refunds” an activation. This process is called “revoke”, so as long as you complete proper uninstall you will be able to install the game an unlimited number of times on 3 systems.

- You can upgrade your computer as many time as you want (using our revoke system)

- Ubisoft is committed to the support of our games, and additional activations can be provided.

- Ubisoft is committed to the long term support of our games: you’ll always be able to play Far Cry 2.

If it isn't latest Securom you may succeed with older YASU version 1.3.7071

Tschens Brems
23.10.2008, 17:10
Offtopic: You still require the DVD after activating?

Yes, and emulation with DT Pro Adv 4.30.0303 doesnt work for me either. Lets wait for an update.

24.10.2008, 14:19
Its the new SecuROM

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Far Cry 2\bin\FarCry2.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 5529600 (0546000h) Byte(s)
-> Suspicious MZ Header..
[!] SecuROM Detected - Version 07.38.0009
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check -> Invalid serial
- Scan Took : 0.743 Seconds

24.10.2008, 23:11
I hope there will be an Update in the next two or three days, because i want to play the game without entering the original DVD.