View Full Version : Server request failed. Error code: 0

23.10.2008, 07:51
I keep getting this error whenever I try to install the trial version of DT Pro 4.30.0303. Tells me the same thing with either advanced or standard. I have no firewall, antivirus or proxy when I run the install and I don't see any references to code 0 so I'm not sure what to do.

23.10.2008, 11:14
I have the exact same problem. Why can't we try the advanced version? It is impossible to do it at the moment.

23.10.2008, 18:39
Please try again.

23.10.2008, 19:03
It still doesn't work.

I had the message "someone already activated".

I went to disc-soft.com account, there was an evaluation license in it, I have cancelled it.

Downloaded it again, tried to activate again, but still got the same message.

I still cannot install it.

23.10.2008, 20:48
Cancelling it was the wrong way. Revoke is the correct way.

23.10.2008, 22:10
Ok, but what can I do now?

24.10.2008, 02:50
Yeah I'm getting the already activated error too. I've deleted the DT Pro folder in Program Files and cleared out any references to DT Soft in the registry. Any suggestions on what to do next?

24.10.2008, 06:44

Revoke your license in your Disc-soft.com account.

Send a message through Disc-soft.com