View Full Version : How are the cd protection emulation actually used?

05.02.2004, 09:33
Operating System: win Xp
Burning Software: Drag and drop cd and Nero
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: newest

HEy, I don't quite understand how the cd protection emulation work and how they are used. If I have an image of a game (say call of duty) that i created with winiso or nero and i load it onto daemon tool's virtual drive. If i put the safedisc emulation on (thats the cd protection COD uses);

does that mean i can run the game with the loaded image? Or are those emulations for creating images with those protections only?

05.02.2004, 10:16
Usually you do NOT need any emulation to play from image, what you need is an apporpriate image. ISOs lack important copy protection info, Nero is not able to create appropriate images from current protections like e.g. SecuROM or ProtectCD.
You should re-create the image from your original cd with e.g. Alcohol or Blindwrite. Such images will work without emulation.

07.02.2004, 04:27
So that means the emulation is used with images that do not have the copy write protection information to make them look like they have it? For example, when i make an image of my warcraft 3 cd with nero (therefore it has no Securom protection data on it);

the game will ask me for a cd even if that image is in the virtual drive. If I use the same image WITH the Securom emulation, the game would recognize the cd?

07.02.2004, 09:57
Yes, e.g. WC3 will work from cooked bin/cue image with SecuROM emulation, but usually you'll create appropriate image so you can play without any emulation.
Emulation should be used, if you're unable to create perfect backup, e.g. SecoROM >4.8x or SafeDisc2 without "good" writer.

08.02.2004, 03:11
O now I see. So it is possible to create a perfect image of warcraft3 cd? How would that be accomplished (eg. What hardware and software requirements do I need to do it)?

08.02.2004, 11:25
Any image format with sub-channel support will work fine (e.g. CloneCD ccd or Alcohol mds). Note that this works for original WC3 only, 'cause the protection is sub-channel based only even with newest patches. It WON'T work with WC3 add-ons!

28.12.2006, 18:16
Well i do have som thin to say on this.. well i used Nero to back up one of my games, an i was able to play it as tha image with out any inulation.. and then i burnet it, with nero as well and it works 100%.. but ther wat version were u talkin bout?