View Full Version : Can install daemon4301-lite on Vista (32bit)

24.10.2008, 09:51
Dear All:
I've install previous version of daemon tool and noted the programs seems not be installed completely. I've found a icon on my desktop, a program called daemon running in my dask manager, but no icon in the right lower system tray, and of course no virtual disc.
So I download the current daemon4301-lite.exe from this website, installed it again, but things still went wrong!!

1. The program is running according to the task manager.
2. The program is not installed right because I can't uninstall from the control panel of Vista (the area where we can uninstall programs). But it may be installed incompletely, because when I run the install file again, the install file told me to uninstall daemon reboot first. (So the program itself noted that it was ever been installed).
3. I've tried to terminated the running program in the task manager, then run the icon on the desktop again. Same thing happened, a new program running in the task manager but no avaible system tray for me to set, and no identified virtual disc in explorer.
4. I've choose administrator option with my right mouse key but still can't work.
5. I've see some previous discussion with same situation, but I can't find precise solution with the current version.

Please, if any one know how to deal with this strange problems, thank you very much!!

24.10.2008, 13:19
Regarding #2, DTools (and Alcohol) do not add themselves to the Add/Remove Programs list for blacklist reasons. Uninstallation should be done through the start menu shortcut, or running the uninstaller from the installation directory. Regarding your other issue, I don't have any suggestions, sorry.

24.10.2008, 15:39
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