View Full Version : Help! Daemon 4.30.1 does not work in windows 2000

24.10.2008, 18:07
I have installed the latest version of Daemon Tools in Windows 2000. I cannot mount any disk image into a program. Such a message only appears: "Unable to mount image. File not acessible.

What can I do? Please, give me an advice. May it be a special version of Daemon for Windows 2000?

How can I work with Daemon Tools in Windows 2000?

Thank you in advance.

24.10.2008, 18:09
Known issue - please wait for an updated version.
So far use DT Lite 4.12.4.

24.10.2008, 18:28
Known issue - please wait for an updated version.
So far use DT Lite 4.12.4.

Tell me please, if I buy DAEMON Tools PRO, will it resolve my issue? A new game Xenus 2: White gold has been relesed. It has StarForce protect. I have read in other forums that only DT lite 4.30.1 can get through StarForce protect.

24.10.2008, 18:38
That is wrong.

DT Pro can also beat StarForce.
Regarding StarForce version on that specific game - you have to install a 3rd party driver, so it would work with DT.

Latest DT Pro shouldn't have that issue.

Also don't press 5 times on reply button.

24.10.2008, 18:40
sorry for so many messages. There were some problems with my internet. I failed to remove them

15.01.2010, 10:23
Is this Problem known too?


15.01.2010, 11:16
What service pack do you use?
The problem is not reproduced on Windows 2000 sp4.

15.01.2010, 16:21
Win 2000 Prof. 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4
Graphic-Card: ATI Rage 128 @ 1280x1240-16Bit