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smoking baby
07.11.2008, 21:13
I installed Daemon Lite, then uninstalled it when it changed all of my program icons to the daemon icon. Since then, when I try try to run any program it asks me which program I would like to use to open it. I read somewhere that I was to run an SPTD installer from "duplex secure" and uninstall it, but I'm no longer able to install programs (let alone run them). I can't access "regedit", or system restore. What am I to do now? My computer was running like top before this crap.

Vista Home Premium
Toshiba Satellite Laptop
1.5 Ghz
2 GB ram
Intel Core 2 Duo
32 bit

07.11.2008, 21:17
It seems you were installing a bad version of DT Lite as an official setup doesn't do such thing. Or of course browsing bad sites.

Anyway, create a reg file with the following content and then import it into registry (it is possible you have to direct it to regedit.exe):


"InfoTip"="prop:FileDescription;Company;FileVersion;Create;Si ze"




@="\"%1\" %*"


@="\"%1\" %*"

smoking baby
07.11.2008, 21:28
C:\windows\regedit.exe Application not found

I did download DT from disc-tools.com

07.11.2008, 21:30
Have you checked through Windows Explorer if it exists there? If not, then you have a virus on your system. Reinstalling completely would fix it then.

smoking baby
07.11.2008, 21:49
Well, explorer won't open either. Virus? Did download DT from the right site?

07.11.2008, 21:52
The virus can also come from somewhere else (like USB Stick, Floppy ...). Another question: When did you download that setup and did you click on any ads at disc-tools.com?

smoking baby
07.11.2008, 21:56
i downloaded it at around noon. I never click on ad banners.

07.11.2008, 22:00
Just checked disc-tools.com - file is ok.
So somehow you got a virus from somewhere else.
You can try an Online scan like by Kaspersky (have to visit their site and select Online scan) and it should normally detect the viruses.

If nothing gets found, I suggest you to run a Virus Boot CD and clean out the viruses through the cd.

smoking baby
07.11.2008, 22:03
AVG is running a full system scan right as we speak. Do you also recommend running a scan at Kapersky? What is a "virus boot cd", and how do i make one?

07.11.2008, 22:08
Yes, running a scan by Kaspersky should also be running after AVG completed. AVG doesn't find everything.

A virus boot cd mostly contains a DOS version of an antivirus program with current virus signatures. Never created one by myself, only downloaded one and then included virus signatures myself (i think it was a McAfee one).

smoking baby
07.11.2008, 22:12
So do you swear by using Kapersky for anti-virus protection?

smoking baby
08.11.2008, 15:31
So...I've run a full virus scan with both AVG, and Kapersky and found nothing but tracking cookies. What am I to do with this thing. No programs will load!

smoking baby
09.11.2008, 22:43
OK! So she's all fixed up. Because I wasn't able to execute System Restore thru windows (even in safe mode) I was able to access System Restore thru the "Repair your Computer" function on the set up screen (F8) (You know, the one where your access Safe Mode) It appears that SPTD was the culprit. I only had 2 restore points listed. One read something like "Nov.7; SPTD installed", and the other option was "Nov.6; Windows Update". Wicked Nice!

09.11.2008, 22:57
Never heard of such case yet and you are the first user reporting that - so a bit strange.

If it would be common, it would have happened for more users.

smoking baby
10.11.2008, 00:06
Thanks for the support though Blazkowicz. I appreciate it!