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08.11.2008, 23:20
I installed DT 4.10 and after restarting it killed my CD drive. It`s gone in windows or total commander it isnt anywhere.

I can select it under hardware but I can`t install a new driver for it or anything else. What had happen?!

I don`t want to reinstall my XP version!!!

Is this bug known? I happend a year ago to me then I had to reinstall win XP.

08.11.2008, 23:23
First, DT doesn't kill anything.
Second, you installed an outdated version.

Visit http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/f26/my-real-cdrom-dvdrom-drives-missing-440/

08.11.2008, 23:52
Hi thank you for the fast reply but it`s a bit difficult for me cause I`m not so good in english and don`t have so much experience in computer stuff

Is there a "german" guide? Wpoould be better if it`s possible

08.11.2008, 23:58
German version of the Microsoft link:
Nach dem Entfernen eines CD- oder DVD-Aufnahmeprogramms ist der Zugriff auf das CD- oder DVD-Laufwerk nicht mehr möglich oder Ihnen wird in Windows XP eine Fehlermeldung angezeigt: "Fehlercode 31" (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/de-de)

09.11.2008, 00:10
Hey it worked for me, never thought about this possibility, thanks for this nice support!

09.11.2008, 00:12
Glad it worked out for you.

09.11.2008, 14:25
Also, be sure you arenґt running Starforce or Securom games. Those are the ones who kill CD drives.....

09.11.2008, 15:38
Only old StarForce version could harm the drives - SecuROM not.

09.11.2008, 15:55
As far as I know this is the solution to the DMA/Stepdown issue that happens in BOTH Starforce and Securom diskchecks: SecuROM (http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=copy&c=1000)

Why you say new Starforce canґt harm the drives? :confused:

09.11.2008, 16:02
Old StarForce versions sent commands directly to the drives - even when the disk is somewhere else inserted.

Also i haven't heard of a case in which a new StarForce version harmed the optical drives.

09.11.2008, 16:07
What forbids Starforce team to do it now that Starforce can no longer be legally reverse engineered?

09.11.2008, 19:32
Also, be sure you arenґt running Starforce or Securom games. Those are the ones who kill CD drives.....

proof?... if this were true then at least one of those companies would have been sued... they have not.. if you had concrete proof against either then it'd be a different story...

currently all you've done is boosted your popularity online, citing inaccurate information and claiming to be a crusader... all very noble, if infact you approached things scientifically and provided proof... instead its conjecture and theory, and applying 'information' (usually inaccurate) and applying this to your own.. surely you can see the probability of inaccuracy and mistakes increases because of this?

infact, didn't starforce (a few years ago) do some 'competition' they if you could prove they damaged your hardware they gave you $$$.... ?

09.11.2008, 19:57
Securom has 4 Class Action lawsuits... 3 of them being Global...

http://www.courthousenews.com/2008/09/23/spore.pdf GLOBAL

http://www.courthousenews.com/2008/10/08/MassEffect.pdf GLOBAL

Spore Creature Creator spanked.

Eldridge v. Electronic Arts, Inc. Document 1 - :: Justia Docs (http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/california/candce/3:2008cv04733/208019/1/)

Girard Libbs has been filled

Cortez v. Electronic Arts, Inc. Document 1 - :: Justia Docs (http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/california/candce/3:2008cv04917/208302/1/)

About my possible inaccuracies, I wasn´t looking for your opinion but for LocutusBorg ones. About the competition, Dennis Zhirkov refused to do any challenge outside of Russia.... why?

09.11.2008, 23:52
i didn't ask about the class action law suits as proof, i asked for the proof of protections killing cd/dvd drives (as the thread suggests)...

as for looking for opinions... you posted on a public thread so thats bullshit right there... if you didn't want to be public, then why not do a private message instead?....

the challenge outside of russia? nothing in my source says it wasnt limited by country, just that if you were outside of russia you paid your own way.... dropping names doesn't make you look big or clever either...

source : Techdirt: Copy Protection Provider Tries Publicity Stunt To Show It's Safe (http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20051215/1321256_F.shtml)

10.11.2008, 00:15
I can see you have an agenda here. In your first post you state the fact that none of those companies have been sued... I just pointed that to be false...

About the Private Messenger, no way for newbies until they have 20 posts....

As for the challenge.. Starforce technologies refused to go anyplace that wonґt be Moscow... 13thHouR and SC invited them to both USA and UK....

Why they didnґt show?

About the option of going to Moscow... well prove it and make it out of Russia alive... if you can.

Thread suggest that DT kills DVD drive. I replied the OP. About the proof of the killing DVD drives, well damaging will be the most accurate answer....

And if you want to see true documented proof come to California to see the lawsuits.... Would you think I would be that fool to post here if I had conclusive data?

10.11.2008, 07:17
so, you have conclusive 100% reproducable proof that some protection kills drives? (that was what my main questions were).
(if so, i hope its 100% reproducable, because it would have to hold up in court)..

as to having an agenda, i don't really, my only issue i have is with inaccurate information that then spreads around the internet (like, lets say for example some of your posts, where you pasted filenames and debug information about certain protections, yet, when asked about them you went silent, then 13thhour popped up to add credibility to your posts..)... so, any agenda i would have would be to correct the inaccuracies... which is one thing i hate...

10.11.2008, 11:01
OK, show here and now which unaccuracies are you speaking about.....

10.11.2008, 16:26
erm, i believe i did, i asked you where your proof about the 'protection x killed my cd/dvd drive' was.. all you've done is go around in circles... you claim that protections do it, i simply asked you for that proof...

10.11.2008, 16:33
I rectify and change the word "kill" for "damage"....

For now... only for now... http://gi60.photobucket.com/groups/h19/7BKRK218RK/2cylon_muahaha1.gif

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have fun with it...