View Full Version : Problems with Vista

11.11.2008, 13:22
I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate x64, and (at least trying) the latest version daemon tools light.
The installation of DT has been no problem, but after restart there appered a message "pls logg in with an lokal administrator account for the first time running dt" (or something like that). Well there ist just one account, my account, and ist set as administrator, so I dont realy know, what to do.

Im also running XP x32 as a second OS, and there DT works just fine since jears.

Someone got an idea?

*My apologies for the bad english.

11.11.2008, 14:21
Right click on DT Lite shortcut -> Run as Administrator

11.11.2008, 14:32
ah! thanks a lot. first time with vista you know