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13.11.2008, 18:03
Hi Guys n Gals,

I'm having trouble with daemon tools mounting a blu-ray disk, it mounts it just fine but playback is choppy and un-watchable. Im using ver: 4.12.4. because other versions thus far just simply do not work with my set up. Now I have determined that it has to do with daemon tools,or something IN daemon tools because I used a competitors free mounting software and it works great! with exception of having issues reading some hyphens in Unicode when the bd is backed up, thus having to re-name each file which is unacceptable for my application.

any ideas on why it would be stuttering in playback? Im at wits end.


16.11.2008, 20:10
I've got the same issue... hard drive playback from the folder plays without a hitch. ISO made with imgburn, loaded into DT 4.30.1 and the same bluray stutters within seconds of starting. Playback is in Nero Showtime, Vista Ultimate 64bit. Only noticed it with recent releases? I'm going to go back and play some older Blurays and see.

Any help appreciated

17.11.2008, 18:23
Tested and can't reproduce the issue in XP SP3 in 4.30.1 and 4.30.0303 with PowerDVD Ultra 7.3.3516.0
Will test later in my Vista x64.

BTW is your image copy protected or not?

EDIT: Haven't got time to test in Vista yet :(

18.11.2008, 21:45
my set up is as follows:

Anydvd (current)
vista 32 sp1(all curent )
powerDVD 7.33
Lg BD/HD-DVD ggc-h20l (1.3 fw)
4gb ddr2 800
Intel wolfdale duo2 2.53ghz
2x750 seagate barracuda
MoBo-asus p5ql-e(happens on gigabyte boards as well)

With anydvd I believe that my back ups no longer have Cp enabled. I have not run in to that issue. I could be wrong. strange,annoying thing is that I have a duplicate machine same specs same everything, that appears to have no problem what so ever....I do note that the hard drive clicks like crazy during playback just before it totally fails playback on problem units...... these symptoms only happen when using daemon tools. the other guys software on any machine works 100% with exception of the above post.... any ideas? any work around? I have had limited success turning off spdt in the registry, but this throws up all sorts of other issues ranging from windows genuine validation errors, and being able to access ctrl pannel...ughhh what a headache!

thank you!

20.11.2008, 07:35
Well, i think the problem might be with windows xp professional x64 edition that my computer is running. I'm also thinking this is why the driver, even though it is the right 92.91 version, is recognized as not bd ready by the advisor. Has anyone else had any experience with this issue or successfully gotten blu-ray playback on windows xp professional x64 edition?

21.11.2008, 17:19
So? any other Input on this issue?.....KIND of desperate here....:confused:

21.11.2008, 17:47
I do note that the hard drive clicks like crazy during playback just before it totally fails playback on problem units

Have you done a hdd sector test? - it is possible there are some bad sectors on your hdd. When no error is found, defragment your hdd.

EDIT: @oder2
I must have overseen/forgot that phrase :(

So atm i don't have any idea.

21.11.2008, 18:15
If it would be HDD sector fault, it would not play well with other software.

Xms8800: "...I used a competitors free mounting software and it works great!"