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14.11.2008, 01:15
i use Deamon Tool to make iSO images of my games so i dont have to putt the CD in the drive but some of my ganes when i mount them they will mount fine and the game will install using the ISO disk image but when i mount the image to play the game it ses no disk in CD-Drive D

14.11.2008, 07:33
Which game?

14.11.2008, 13:09
Iso is an inappropriate image file format for copy protected games, use Daemon Tools Pro native image file format mds/mdf.

14.11.2008, 18:33
How do I chang the file format and there are many diffrent games that i could no get to work, GTA-Sananderaes, Age of Empires, Need for Speed Underground 2, Dieblo 2 and expantion...

14.11.2008, 18:35
You recreate your images with DT Pro/Alcohol 52/120% with the help of your original disk.

14.11.2008, 18:51
Alcohol 52/120% what is than and what are you talking about

14.11.2008, 18:52
It is one time Alcohol 52% and one time Alcohol 120% (different features).

14.11.2008, 19:18
Dude i am lost you are going to have to explane in detail what you trying to get me to do

14.11.2008, 19:21
You download one of these programs i meantioned (DAEMON Tools Pro, Alcohol 52%, Alcohol 120%), start then Disc Imaging process and select proper profile (you have to check copy protection first with a protection scanner like Protection ID or just take a look into our Game Database) - ensure you are creating an image of your original disk.

Now mount the new created image into latest DAEMON Tools Lite/Pro and start the game.

14.11.2008, 19:28
I have Deamon Tool Pro Advanced and what is this protetion id scanner you were talking about

14.11.2008, 19:31
The protection scanner i was talking about is called Protection ID.

15.11.2008, 05:20
what if the game protected what do i do then

15.11.2008, 11:30
You select the protection which gets reported by Protection ID or our Game Database in DAEMON Tools Pro Disc Imaging window.

15.11.2008, 23:49
so what do i doif the gameis protected