View Full Version : (please insert the correct cd-rom) after recent format of computer

14.11.2008, 15:26
daemon tools use to work fantastically!!!!!!!
i NEVER had a problem mounting and installing things
but now, i've recently formatted my computer, i cannot run a darned thing...
i'm basically trying to get my sims2 back on here..but nothing is working
i ALWAYS get (please insert the correct cd-rom) now..
like it's not reading it right

i run windows xp
never had a prob till after the format
AND all these iso.'s have previously worked FINE with daemon tools..
also having probs with alcohol 120%, same thing, so this isn't necessarily a daemon tools prob but probably a computer prob?

ANY help would be great, thx

14.11.2008, 15:51
Sims 2 uses SafeDisc as protection and ISO doesn't contain copy protection related data - use MDF/MDS instead.

15.11.2008, 09:37
IIRC Sims 2 -like many Safedisc 2/3/4 protected CD titles- should also run fine as an ISO.

15.11.2008, 11:07
No - ISO doesn't contain the read errors from SafeDisc.

15.11.2008, 14:54
No - ISO doesn't contain the read errors from SafeDisc.Many SD CD titles only check for the weak ones ;) -> ISO works

16.11.2008, 10:22
Yesterday i checked an ISO image at my niece's PC; ISO is enough for Sims 2 - just like jennajen26 reported.

Do you know whether you have same chipset- and IDE/SATA-drivers as before the format ?
Do you now also have other emulation software which wasn't installed before the format ?