View Full Version : Splitted image mount problem

15.11.2008, 14:06
Hello, i have a game image in 2 dvds splitted by alcohol.

1 dvd contains: MYCD.mdf , MYCD.mds

and other: MYCD.md0

how can i mount it without extract them to the desktop? also i have 2 dvd roms. Is that possible to mount them directly from dvd's and install from dvd's?


15.11.2008, 14:21
Not possible - image parts has to be in one directory.

15.11.2008, 15:53
Thank you for your fast reply. But maybe that can be a feature in future releases? maybe daemon can ask us for md0 file, or we can select the file. because there is too many people looking for how to split images easily, this can be the best solution.

Think about it please. i think it should not be so hard to make :)

Thank you again.