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17.11.2008, 19:05
Hmmm.... how do I get access to this forum? As far as I can tell, my disc-soft account and this one aren't linked in any way. Sorry to be such a noob, but as you can tell from my post count, I am.

17.11.2008, 19:10
Check your e-mail account (also in spam folder) for an email talking about an account on this forum which should be automatically be created after purchase.

I moved your posts into a new thread - not related to YASU anyway.

17.11.2008, 19:13
How would one get access to this forum? Where is it? I know I'm quite a noob, and I'm sorry, but I can't find it...

17.11.2008, 19:20
ATM you don't see the customer forum as you are missing a customer tag. Check posting #2.

17.11.2008, 19:58
Sorry about the double post, didn't see you moved my post!

20.11.2008, 20:16
Customer status set. ;)