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08.02.2004, 19:15
Hi... Uh, I'm new to this DVD Ripping stuff. And I used DVD Decrypter to decrypt my movie, Underworld. Well, I finished that, and I downloaded Alcohol 120% so I could burn it onto a DVD-R. I locate the .iso file, and when I click "next", it wont let me select the drive and stuff.

Is there something I did wrong, or missed a step?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, sorry if something like this has already been made.


08.02.2004, 19:28
What's your DVD writer?

23.02.2004, 00:14
Well i use DVD Decrypter also to rip my DVDs but did you know that you can also burn DVDs with it. Yes, you can use DVD Decrypter to burn the ripped DVD.

Go to DVD decrypter then go to MODE - ISO - WRITE. Then choose the DVD iso you want to write then click burn.

I hope this answers your question. :)