View Full Version : daemon tools lite wont open

18.11.2008, 19:48
Ive downloaded it with no problems whatsoever, but when i try and open it nothing happens. no "run as administrator" message, no nothing. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled plenty of times. Anyone know whats going on?:confused:

18.11.2008, 19:57
Which OS and which DT version?

18.11.2008, 20:36
DS= Daemon tools lite
OS= Vista

18.11.2008, 20:39
Vista x64 or x86 with SP1 or SP2 beta?

BTW you checked tray area (next to the clock on right bottom corner)?

18.11.2008, 20:44
welp, now i feel stupid, which im sure is deserved. I checked the tray area and now ive got it up and running. One of those days i suppose. Thanks for the help haha.