View Full Version : Accidental external hard disk image mounted

22.11.2008, 07:54
There is an iso file in my external hard disk...so i used daemon to mount it...but after that...when i try to unmount from my hard disk..my laptop hangs...so i restart it..but when i connect my external hard disk to my laptop..nothing happens..but another dvd rom suddenly exist in my computer...which is weird because there is only one dvd rom in my laptop...it is the same case when i used my external hard disk to another computer...so...is there any way to solve this without losing any data from my external hard disk...please help...

22.11.2008, 12:06
Which DT and OS version?

24.11.2008, 10:09
The Daemon Tools is DT lite 4.30.1 my laptop is windows xp professional service pack 2

27.11.2008, 00:35
but another dvd rom suddenly exist in my computer...

This is probably the DAEMON Tools virtual drive. Here (http://www.daemon-help.com/) you can find out how it works:


27.11.2008, 11:23
Yeah..but I already uninstalled the 'ghost' dvd rom...but still...nothing happens when I connect my external hd to my laptop..

27.11.2008, 15:32
Does something happen when you connect your ext HD to another computer?

27.11.2008, 22:33
Unfortunately...nothing happens even when I connect it to other computer.....

27.11.2008, 23:00
Either hdd is defect or the interface.

Try installing the external hdd as an internal hdd and then you see what is defect.