View Full Version : DVD with read errors

09.02.2004, 15:15
Is there any reading-tool such as alcohol that can read DVDs with read errors? Alcohol can't read those DVDs...
any suggestion (bw-images cannot be mounted with d-tools, that can't be the solution)?

09.02.2004, 16:06
BW5 dvd image problem will be fixed in next dtools. You can also try dvd decryptor in iso mode.

09.02.2004, 18:45
can read-errors be in an ISO-file?

10.02.2004, 21:38
if you got a program that is capable of replacing them with dummy 'erroneous' sectors, ... yeah. sure. why not?

hey, DVD's are not that different from CD's...

10.02.2004, 22:44
Afaik, a dvd iso can only store in 2048 bytes/sector. So it wouldn't be able to hold error info.

10.02.2004, 23:03
wouldn't there be a possibility to just simulate/emulate this with a plain ISO image??

(i never used ISO images for anything with errors that were to be respected...)

12.02.2004, 18:43
ok so ISOs cannot store errors.
but do you know any tool which can create images of defect DVDs?
(may sound silly. but there aren't read errors due to a copy protection, the DVD is simply nearly broken)

Alcohol can't do that, Blindwrite-large-DVD-images cannot be mounted with d-tools... any other program?

12.02.2004, 20:24
MDS format can hold this information and it can be used by virtual drive.
But such images are not yet produced - it is true.

13.02.2004, 05:26
Maybe DVD X Rescue is what you're searching for.
Just google it!