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15.12.2002, 11:16
Howdie folks 8);
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I just bought GothicII and its a kickass game, but the thousands and thousands of bugs are really damn annoing. Some gamers even said that the game crashes every 10mins. I don't know how the Piranias could release such an unready game like that. Hmm... Gothic had the same problems, maybe its the engine who knows :evil:

17.12.2002, 07:44
You need a widely spreaded beta.test-team to fix all bugs during development. But the Piranias maybe run out of time as there Publisher is down (Phenomedia) and they must release it before xmas. After all, it's business... and german publishers run out of money these days.

After all I've heared from my brother and read in Magazines Ascaron is the King of Bugs :lol:

But what should we do? Personally I prefer to wait until the biggest probs are gone (except for BlizzardGames, those generally run smoothley with first release)

just my 2

07.03.2003, 10:47
i hope these bugs are sorted out in the english release of gothic 2 as i really enjoyed the first one.