View Full Version : Is there a Switch for making Daemon Tools Do Silent insall??

10.02.2004, 03:04
Operating System: XP Pro
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

Ok simple question.

I'm making a batch file for Daemon Tools and want to know if anyone knows the switch (or if there even is one) that will allow Daemon to do a Silent install without checking the "Silent Install" box?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks[/b]

11.02.2004, 14:44
Check /q commandline parameter for msiexec.exe

11.02.2004, 18:21
That didn' work. But i'm not familiar with "msiexec.exe". What is it and how can that help me?

11.02.2004, 22:13
Msiexec is in fact what runs MSI files on your system.
I suggest you read more about it in Platform SDK documentation - using some parameters without knowing their meaning is potentially dangerous, especially for silent installation, which should not be done without VERY good reason. You may overlook some error or important reboot message which will create a mess: setup is designed to be running with full user interface.
If you already know all this then you would definitely know all parameters and what they are for, but your question implies you don't - this is just a warning.
If you stll can't find it i can send you all parameters by mail.

07.03.2004, 04:12
Operating System: asdf
Burning Software: asdf
Anti-virus Software: asdf
DAEMON Tools Version: asdf

yes, but how does that help us when daemon344.exe isn't an MSI package itself? I see an msi file in my temp dir after clicking on the first Install button. One would assume that this msi file is all we need to install, and I'm about to try it right now, but a hint that he could get the msi file needed to accomplish his goal would've been nice. Your advice about msiexec was on the money, but does him no good if he doesn't have an .msi to work with.

edit - yeah, that msi is all that's needed. Fire up daemon344.exe and on the first screen hit the Install button. At that point, go into your temp directory, probably c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp\ and there will be a .msi file there with random text for the actual name. Make a copy of that, and cancel out of the open installation. Then in your unattended install, add it the same way you'd add any other msi installation package. Since daemon tools requires a reboot, you either have to install it as the very last thing in guirunonce/runonceex or you have to stop it from automatically rebooting like this:

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\daemon\daemon.m si "/qb REBOOT=Suppress"

edit - whoops, and obviously, ensure you reboot in some other fashion if you've not installed daemon last and let it do the rebooting.

07.03.2004, 20:41
Msi is packed into exe. You can also get msi from C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations\DAEMON Tools 3.xx\daemon.msi

19.03.2004, 00:38
Operating System: xp sp1
Burning Software: nero 6316
Anti-virus Software: trend micro
DAEMON Tools Version: 344

the code from shorty does not work for me.
i get an error that he does not know the parameter.
without the reboot parameter, only with /qb it works.
what can i do?


19.03.2004, 07:15
I took that code from another website, hadn't tested it yet myself. I don't know why there are quotation marks in their example, it works without them and maybe your error comes from having them?

daemon344.msi /qb REBOOT=Suppress

edit - guess I should mention this is exactly the command I have on my now complete install CD and it works for me just fine

19.03.2004, 11:46
yes, that works fine. thank you very much...