View Full Version : Problem running The Sim 2 University edition

29.11.2008, 07:29
Hi, I tried to install my original copy of The Sims 2 University in my newly bought laptop, and all I got was the error msgbox: "DAEMON TOOLS English version not installed. Please installed DAEMON TOOLS v3.47 English version."

I downloaded DT and installed it promptly. However, my OS (Windows Vista) was incompatible with v3.47, so I installed the latest v4.301 instead.

I still get the error msg asking me to install v3.47. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? :confused:

Much thanks!

29.11.2008, 10:56
Never heard of that message. Could you post a screenshot of that message.

Once a friend of mine played that game and he and i never saw that message.