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30.11.2008, 08:11

My brother recently told me what an absolutely awesome product you guys have so I decided to come over, download and try to give'r a whirl. I downloaded the evaluation version to try it and for some reason during the install it won't connect to disc-soft.com to verify registration. Here are the steps I took to try and remedy the problem.

1st. Went to disc-soft.com tried to register using the register
link. It let me go to the page but upon clicking register
it gives me a "cannot connect to page." error. I have
tried with I.E. v7, Firefox v3, and Flock v2. All meet
with the same fate.

2nd. I tested the page off another computer and it works fine
in accessing the disc-soft page. As a result I went
through all the settings on my dev computer with a
fine toothed comb and set everything to as wide open
as I could get it. (no pop-up blockers, settings as low
as they go on certs, cookies and remote apps security.)

3rd. After explaining my dilema to my brother he lent me his
version of 4.11 and it actually installed. However, I
want to try the new version so I uninstalled 4.11 in favor
of trying to get 4.30 and now neither will install. I think
most of this hinges on that disc-soft thing but a little
clarification and direction would be nice.

Thanks for your time.


30.11.2008, 11:42
Security software uninstalled for testing purposes and also checked hosts file (windows\system32\drivers\etc) for a disc-soft.com entry?

EDIT: You also have to activate your disc-soft.com account.