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01.12.2008, 04:41
Hey everybody, Im sorry about posting this because i know right away youve heard it all before and will send me to the common problems and solutions bourd, But ive already tried thier solutations, so maybe i should state the problem.

I recently unistalled an older version of daemon tools and have the disk drive problem of it still being there, The solutions in the Error 25002 thread stated that.

1. Open device manager (SCSI/RAID Controllers section) and delete SCSI controller with name corresponding with name of Daemon driver (miniport driver name). If you have problems doing it (eg. system crashes) then start from step 3 (skip steps 1 and 2).

Having tried this fist step, The device comes back everytime i restart my computer no matter how many times i delete it.

3. Find Daemon driver files in Windows\System32\Drivers folder
(in Win95/98/ME also check Windows\System\IOSUBSYS folder).
Make sure your system is configured to display system files (ControlPanel->Tools->FolderOptions->View) in order you can see them. Delete Daemon driver files.
default v3.46 driver file names are d346bus.sys and d346prt.sys
default v3.47 driver file names are d347bus.sys and d347prt.sys

This is the biggest problem, they assume i know the drivers and i dont, and the names they provide i cannot find in my system. The fourth step also gives you names for the registry and those i cannot find either.

Im honestly kind of a new to computers but i can follow directions, and after following them I cant find the things i need to get rid of the F drive that remains. It wont let me defragment my system and is causing me trouble so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Im thinking If i can some how find the names of the .sys files from the other versions and the .prts so that i can delete them I will be fine, So if im correct is that assumption could anyone provide a list of the file names from previous versions? Other then that im clueless, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I dont have any version installed as of now, and the last version i installed that caused the drive problem I dont recall the number of.

Again thanks for your help and taking your time.

01.12.2008, 09:23
Double click that SCSI controller in device manager, go to Driver tab and please post what's listed in Driver Details.

07.12.2008, 05:02
I tried that to in hopes of seeing if it was the correct thing malfunctioning, all prodiver date version and signer are all unknown, and the device details cant be found or loaded.

07.12.2008, 12:48
Do you know the exact version you removed?
And what's your OS anyway?

20.12.2008, 05:37
No, Thats the problem, I dont remember the driver version, it says its unknown, all information on the devices that are causing problems are unknown, Im searching for maybe a list of driver names so i can search in the system32 folder or whatever and delete them, thats the only thing i can do in the suggested solutions, any and all help is appreciated.