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11.02.2004, 04:58
ok heres what i have

worms 3D cd 1&2 image

clone cd 4.3 im useing the trial

virtal daemon manager 3.4

a bwa file for worms 3d

TwinPeak Tool

no cd patch for worms- i dont think i need this

i am able to install this game on my comp then i remount disk #1 but when play menue comes up it set the view settings and i hit play it says worng disk but disk one is the right one plz help

:?: :idea: :? :(

15.02.2004, 15:52
When I played Worms 3D, they asked me for the second disk and it was without any serious copy protection, but this is russian edition :)

PS some games (e.g. Evil Islands) remember drive letter, from which they was installed, and when playing they check only disk with that letter, so install and run a game from the same drive. But this letter is stored in registry and available for altering.

23.02.2004, 23:24
Try to create an image of the play CD containing RMPS data with Alcohol software and update DAEMON to 3.44, then burn it and play using RMPS emulation .

TwinPeak Tool doesn't work always and "your" .bwa could be rubish .


11.03.2004, 14:19
I've managed to create a working image of the cd using Blindwrite 5, and mounted it using DaemonTools 3.43. I also installed the first patch and it still worked fine. However, with the latest patch released it seems the securom copy protection has been updated so the image doesn't work anymore :roll:

11.03.2004, 15:16
Try 3.44 - if it fails, wait for next version coming soon.

11.03.2004, 21:17
Try 3.44 - if it fails, wait for next version coming soon.
Upgraded today and it failed too, guess I'll be waiting for the next version :D