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04.12.2008, 18:55
I have bought a new PC, but when i try to install a game or something from the virtual drive, pc crash, dont show any blue screen of windows, only, screen doesn't do anything, and i need to restart by click on reset buttom.

My pc is:
Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3
Graphics: ATI 4850
Processor: Intel(R) Cored(TM) 2 Quad Q8200 @2.33GHz
Memory: 4Gb
OS: Windows XP Professional 32bits with SP3 (i use 32bits and no 64bits because some things like pinnacle tv doesn't have drivers to 64bits OS).

If someone knows why pc crash please let me know.
I have tryed other software like Alcohol 53% and crash as well.

I have done a test to CPU, RAM, and HD and all was good, 4 hours of test without any problems, and if i unzip an iso with winrar i can install it correctly, but if i mount iso file with daemon tools crash.


04.12.2008, 19:16
Your Daemon Tools version?
Are you using a RAID?

04.12.2008, 19:25
Hi Blazkowicz thanks for the answer.

I'm using: daemon4301-lite
Raid? no i have more than 1 hard driver but i dont have raid.


09.12.2008, 19:36
I have the same problem. Can anyone help? I have daemon tools lite 4.30.1 and i don't have RAID.

09.12.2008, 19:43
Where are your images located (local hdd, network, cd/dvd drive)? Any security software installed and if there are, already uninstalled for testing purposes.

Sorry for the late response _El_Chojin_, post didn't showed up as new :(

10.12.2008, 15:08

I have the same problem too !

My computer :
CPU: Core i7 920
RAM: 3 Go
HDD: 1 To + 250 Go
Graphic card: NVidia GTX 280
Motherboard: Gigabyte EX58 UD5
OS: Win XP Pro SP3 x86

I'm using DT Lite 4.30.1 !

I tried twice with a Fallout 3 image and once with a Mass Effect image !

Each time, and not at the same moment during the game installation, the computer freezed !!

The images were located on the local HDD.

Thanx for help !

10.12.2008, 21:52
Please try an old DT Lite version with SPTD 1.52.
When no lockup happens, then update SPTD to 1.56 and report back if there are any lockups.

11.12.2008, 05:55
I made a try with DT 4.30.2 Lite and it freezed too !

But... I uninstall DT, deactivate STPD (in the registry + reboot), install DT 4.10 x86 and IT WORKS !!

This one is with STPD 1.50, I have no version with STPD 1.52 to make a test !

I didn't retry with DT 4.30.2 Lite STPD 1.56 yet, but thanks a lot for the tip !


11.12.2008, 06:40
Try installing SPTD 1.56 (DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com)) and tell us the result.

12.12.2008, 06:39
Here are the results:

Previous conf: DT 4.10 with SPTD 1.50 => no freeze

- SPTD 1.50 uninstalled, SPTD 1.56 from DuplexSecure installed, don't touch to DT 4.10 => no freeze

- DT 4.10 uninstalled, DT Lite 4.30.2 installed, don't touch to SPTD 1.56 => FREEZE

- DT Lite 4.30.2 uninstalled, DT 4.10 installed, don't touch to SPTD => no freeze

12.12.2008, 09:02
Hum... I managed to freeze the computer with SPTD 1.56 and DT 4.10 !! Not in installing a game from an image but simply in exploring the image content in Windows explorer !!

I think I was lucky when I succeeded a game installation...

I will try my further installations with SPTD 1.50 and DT Lite 4.30.2

12.12.2008, 15:33
So SPTD issue as i thought. I think 4.30.2 doesn't work with such an old SPTD version.

12.12.2008, 16:12
I can see DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com/en/downloads) have fixed some "system deadlock on multi-processor environment" issues in the STPD 1.56 version.
Maybe some have remained !

What should I do ?
I see direct with DuplexSecure support ?