View Full Version : A new feature?

15.12.2002, 10:48
Ehm..., it might be a newb question, but couldn't u add a feature which makes the image files editable... I mean it would really make a sense... I know there are many mastering tools out there, but they're 1. not free, and 2. Can't edit every format, 3. Haven't such great features like Daemon-tools :P. Sry if the question was alredy mentioned :roll:

15.12.2002, 10:58
well i guess i know the answer (it's already been asked for many times). daemon-tools is not a mastering tool, it's just meant for emulating copy protections and that is all.

apart from that, copy protections base on recognizing every difference from the original so it wouldn't make much sense trying to edit images that are copy protected, right?


15.12.2002, 11:01
yes, Sergei.Gradski is correct on all accounts.