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12.02.2004, 03:33
Probably/hopefully a simple/dumb question. I have WinXP Home on Compac laptop. The laptop has NO FLOPPY Drive. I have a proggy for which copy protection is to read *.key files from a floppy disk. How do I use Daemon to create a fake floppy drive and copy the two key files to the fake drive. BTW, the key files were originally received as a *.exe WinImage file from which I burned a floppy.

THANKS very much for advice.

12.02.2004, 09:36
You can't!
But a user suggested the use of this program (http://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/chitchat/vmware/vfd.html#top) - check it out.

12.02.2004, 15:08
THANKs very much, copytrooper.....
VFD looks like the answer.