View Full Version : Daemon Tools Lite and Securom 7xx?

07.12.2008, 16:24
Greetings - I purchased both Lego Star Wars and Lego Star Wars II for PC, but have not installed them yet. I have a child who is computer savvy, loves to play games, but is not as careful as I would like with putting games back in cases.

I would like to make backup copies of these games using Blindwrite (likely newest version 6.2.0), and then install and play the backup copies on my computer. The original disks will not be installed - they will be put up on my shelf.

Could I use the newest Daemon Tools Lite to install and play backup (.iso) games created using Blindwrite? The games are Securom versions 7.02 and 7.27.0012, respectively. Haven't been able to ascertain whether these (relatively) newer copy protections can be resolved using DT. Also, would I need any other software/measures to play them?


07.12.2008, 16:33
BlindWrite doesn't create ISO files, it creates b6t files.
Automatic profile should be fine and then mount into latest DT Lite version. It is possible you have to use YASU then.

07.12.2008, 17:10
Thanks for your quick reply. Point taken - BW produces not an iso, but a b6t. If I do need YASU, I would assume the newest version would be best. Is this correct?

07.12.2008, 17:41
But normally you won't need YASU for those two games.
Latest YASU is fine.