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08.12.2008, 14:19
hi i would like to ask help. i downloaded the latest daemon tool, and when im about to run it an error accured.
"Initialize error 2.
This program requires at least windows 2000 with SPTD 1.53 or higher. kernel debugger must be activated." thats what it said. please help.

08.12.2008, 14:28
Your OS?
Are you running a kernel debugger?
Is SPTD installed?

08.12.2008, 14:52
uh, whats SPTD?
and how can i know my OS? sorry i don't now this is my brothers old computer so i really don't know.

08.12.2008, 17:07
SPTD is used by DT (to check for install download its installer from DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com))

To check for Windows version, press right click on My Computer on the Desktop, then Properties. Then you see which version you are running (e. g. Windows XP). You see it also when you start your computer when looking at Windows logo.

09.12.2008, 00:20
well its windows XP service pack 2.

09.12.2008, 12:43
And about SPTD? Is it installed?
Have you done a reboot after install?

11.12.2008, 04:58
well yes, now it says Virtual SCSI driver not detected, and when i open a device it says unable to add adapter. device problem 39.

11.12.2008, 16:53
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Unable to add adapter (http://www.daemonpro-help.com/?id=300)

11.12.2008, 22:51
open regedit and navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\SPTD

were can i find this?

12.12.2008, 07:52
Start -> Run -> regedit