View Full Version : Cannot register at disc-soft

11.12.2008, 10:01
I've been trying to register at disc-soft to trial and buy Daemon Tools Pro Advanced, but no dice.

It doesn't appear the activation link emails are being sent out - it isn't my spam filter, as I've pre-authorized their domain, and checked the discard folder. And my email is fine, as I registered here without a hitch.

Anybody? Not doing the sales potential a lot of good...

11.12.2008, 11:46
Did you try with a different e-mail address ? Maybe you could try (if you can) to send a support e-mail do disc-soft team.

11.12.2008, 14:11
I'm having the same/similar problem. the pro trial starts installing, comes to the part where it's to validate my email, then nothing happens, I just return to the activation window after it logged on to the server, and if I click abort, obviously i cancel the whole installation. no errors repported, and I'm using the mail I'm always using.
Tried without AV and FW software running, same thing.

11.12.2008, 16:59

It stays there as you haven't activated your disc-soft.com account yet.

You activated your trial 20 minutes after this posting. Therefore no need for activation email anymore.

16.03.2009, 14:18
I have exactly the same problem right now. Can't register my email and also daemon pro says that there is no connection with server. I don't have firewall and something like that and other programs working fine with internet.

16.03.2009, 17:06
I found a problem. It was the virus. :)