View Full Version : New installation wrecked my Firewall

15.02.2004, 09:54
Operating System: XP Home
Burning Software: Noro 5.5
Anti-virus Software: Norton 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: Unknownas it was installed by Siftdisk 1.6

I installed a copy of Softdisk 1.6, but when the installer ran daemon tools it crashed my PC.

When the PC rebooted it had wrecked my Norton Antivirus & Firewall, I sorted the Antivirus by reinstalling it but daemon tools has done something to my firewall that now requires me to be a supervisor to make any changes or un/install it.

This causes me some real problems as as far as I am aware XP home dioes not have a supervisor user profile.

How can I sort this out and remove the whole installation of daemon tools to start again as it never appeared in the add/remove programs on the control panel.

16.02.2004, 04:03
you should ask technical support of Softdisk as they are responsible
for integration of Daemon Tools.

If this problem couldn't solved by Softdisk-development, please email
me directly: locutus@daemon-tools.cc