View Full Version : Installation bug in Daemon Tools Lite 4.30.2

13.12.2008, 06:49
Hello, I am a new comer of DT forum.
Just want to report a bug.
After I choose Traditional Chinese in installation wizard and press "next", the installation program will crash.
I have tried 2 different PC but this problem still happen.

* Both PC are using WinXP SP3 Traditional Chinese.

Hope this will be fixed in next build. :)

14.12.2008, 16:50
The same thing happened in the winxp sp3 simplified Chinese.
I've compared the MD5 and it matched.

15.12.2008, 03:38
Not only is WinXP SP3,

I have 2 computers, Vista x64 and Win2003 x32.
The same thing happened in all.


15.12.2008, 16:06

OS is also a chinese one? I can't reproduce it when selecting Chinese in setup in an English XP.

15.12.2008, 16:28
That also happens in Vista 32bit Chinese Simplified.

And this time, i've confirmed that if I select English in the installation, it will be setup perfectly.
And I can change the language to Chinese Simplified in the "preferences" and it works well.

16.12.2008, 01:26
yes, os is simplified chinese.

30.12.2008, 09:19
Bad code was found.