View Full Version : Command line to mount password-protected ISZ image

13.12.2008, 13:46
I am using Daemon Tools v4.09. Please could anyone advise me as to how I can mount a password-protected ISZ image using a command line. When I issued the below command line

daemon.exe -mount 0, filename.isz password

there were two error messages, the first one being "Error in command line" and the 2nd one "Unable to mount image. Password required".

But when I mounted the same image via the tray icon, there was a window popping up asking for a password. The image was successfully mounted when I supplied the correct password, however.

Thank you very much in advance.

13.12.2008, 14:09
I would first upgrade to 4.30.2.
Anyway not possible. You have to remove "password" in command line.

13.12.2008, 15:59
Many thanks for your prompt reply. So, based on your advice, I would need to access the image solely through the Daemon Tools sys-tray icon. I really wish the -mount command line had another switch added in for the password input. Thanks again for the great software.

13.12.2008, 16:59
No, you just run normal command line for mount and then you enter the password.

13.12.2008, 17:27
When I ran the normal -mount command line as you suggested, an error message popped up, saying "Unable to mount image. Password required." There was no prompt for the input of a password, either.

13.12.2008, 17:34
I tested with latest version and it prompted me for password.

14.12.2008, 10:41
Indeed, you are right. I can now set it up to function properly. Thanks again for your kind help and succinct, precise answers.