View Full Version : daemon4302-lite.exe is not a valid win32 application?

13.12.2008, 20:18
My comp say daemon4302-lite.exe is not a valid win32 application. I have windows xp and thats what it says when i click on the file after i downloaded it. If anyone knows whats up let me know. My friend says its my antivirus software. I have that free avg program from download.com. If anyone knows or needs more info to help me out let me know

13.12.2008, 20:21
Redownload without download manager - also try another browser.

13.12.2008, 20:36
you mean a download manager program? sorry kinda dumb with computers lol

13.12.2008, 20:58
Yes, exactly.

14.12.2008, 03:10
It looks like the file on the main and first mirror is bad, the second mirror worked. Make sure you get a full 7MB and not something like 150KB.

17.12.2008, 15:28
Well, if there was a problem before, it's not there now. More than likely, it was some routing issue or download manager issue. If there was a problem with the actual files on the server, it would be more widespread.