View Full Version : Runonce entry reinstalls itself after deletion. DT wants to reinstall every restart.

14.12.2008, 15:01
Hello ppl I need some help plz!

I installed DT lite and during this it gave a long pause, I assumed it had crashed, I ran the install again (dumb:rolleyes:) and then got a message, you must restart. Upon restart DT had installed but another instance trying to install popped up, I cancelled that and could use DT but it always was running the installer at startup. Now even after uninstalling and deleting all DT registry entires, the RunOnce entry reinserts itself. There is nothing left in the registry regarding Daemon Tools except the one which reinstalls itself in RunOnce. Moving the install file only stops the process but not the registry entry in the Windows Runonce folder. I'm guessing there is something in system32 which is causing this, its just like the T2000, I just cant figure out the way to kill it. But I did tell it "I'll be back!"
Thanks for any advice!

22.12.2008, 04:00
If DAEMON Tools is working ok, try msconfig (a microsoft program) to remove any autorun entries.

22.12.2008, 10:41
Alterations of msconfig resulted in a duplicate entry enabled after disabling the other, this process repeats, even if you delete the startup entry from registry.


Solution: During the double install, I must of clicked No for allowing a change to registry with SPYBOT, I found this out by deleting the registry entry and watching the running processes. I killed one at a time until I found which one was crucial to the registry "repairing" itself. It turned out to be a Disallowed spybot registry chane that TeaTimer was repairing every time I tried to alter it.