View Full Version : Hardware possibly causing install failure

15.02.2004, 20:21
I am trying to run daemon tools to run a newer game on an older system. The system's got an onboard HPT366 UDMA 66 controller (which is unused) and a Promise Ultra 133 TX2 controller. After running the installer and a reboot it halted startup stating some Protection Error. When I rebooted in safe mode it started and when i restarted it gave me a Virtual SCSI driver not detected error.
I'm running a dual-boot system with Win98SE and Win2000Pro and both hard drives are on the Promise controller. My question is: Is the configuration the possibly the reason the install did not complete successfully? :?:
As for Having nero or EasyCD Creator installed, neither are. Also, I'm trying to install on the Win98 drive. Any insight to a solution would be helpful.

16.02.2004, 12:07
Try to get a driver update for your Promise controller, if you already use newest drivers or it still fails, wait for next Daemon Tools version - it should fix the issue.