View Full Version : DT Lite 4302 Install on Vista 64-bit

15.12.2008, 19:28
I am relatively new to DT Lite and very new to 64-bit Vista. I have a new HTPC build with Vista Ultimate 64-bit on which I want to install DT Lite 4302. I noticed during the installation procedure that by default it wants to install in the C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder. Isn't this where 32-bit programs install? Shouldn't the 64-bit version of DT Lite install in the C:\Program Files\ folder?

As I said, I'm new to 64-bit computing and all its intricacies (or as I call them - aggravations). Is DT Lite installing into the right folder or does it matter?

Thanks in advance.

15.12.2008, 19:33
Correct behaviour. DT is x86, only driver is x64.

15.12.2008, 19:41
Thanks for the quick reply.