View Full Version : DT Pro Advanced & SafeDisk Profile

15.12.2008, 20:50
I just downloaded the trial for DT Pro Adv 2 days ago, and my first test was to make an image of a SafeDisk protected CDROM. That test started 40 hours ago, and it says that it's only at 6% with ~29 hours left to go. Is this typical?

The disk: Rosetta Stone language disk
OS: Vista 64
Optical Drive: HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD GBC-H20N ATA Device (I don't know the exact maker, but it's a DVDRW+Bluray Reader).

Thanks for any help!


15.12.2008, 20:52
It is normal to encounter very much read errors on SafeDisc protected CDs.

15.12.2008, 21:09
Reading speed varies from drive to drive. With some it takes hours and others can fast skip those errors within minutes.

17.12.2008, 16:23

You could try to select Safedisc profile, of course, and enable "Lock Media during grab","Open device exclusively" and "Hardware error correction". On some cd/dvd readers/burners these settings make safedisc image creation process faster than without them. Just try and report your results please. ;)