View Full Version : DT + Windows mobile desktop =not work

18.12.2008, 01:07
ok i use my cell phone for internet access
and when i install dt trial windows mobile desktop wont connect to my windows mobile 6.1 phone
im running
Vista Ultimate w/ Intel 6450 cpu
4gb ram
after uninstalling dt windows mobile device center works again

18.12.2008, 08:14
Windows Mobile isn't supported.

18.12.2008, 12:21
im not running it on windows mobile im running dt on vista ultimate
but the with dt pro installed pda's and smart phones will not connect to the computer
after uninstalling dt pro they connect again so i installed dt lite and can still connect to the portable device

18.12.2008, 15:22
Somehow missed the last part of your posting.

DT Lite 4.30.2 works and DT Pro 4.30.0303 not?
Then it is possible it is already fixed in current DT Pro Beta - Lite is newer.

20.12.2008, 04:54
ok then sorry ill try dt pro again after the next major *stable* revision i just cant afford to buy it and it not be compatable with my using my cellphone as my internet connection