View Full Version : Install error

15.12.2002, 17:45
I get Windows Installer Error "Invalid Parameters" when i try to install 3.26.

OS: XP Pro- no SP1
500 mhz
no burner or burner software installed. (need DT for verifying bin files only)

16.12.2002, 14:11
why have a support forum if you're not going to answer posts?
thanks so much for nothing. :roll:

16.12.2002, 14:26
oh honey, stop whining!

have you paid for this service? no, most certainly you've paid nothing.
has anyone written down that support questions will be answered within LESS THAN 24 hours? no, most certainly nobody has.

so just be patient and polite and eventually someone might be able to help you.

> thanks so much for nothing.
you're welcome.

16.12.2002, 19:07
I have no idea what it means until you give more detail where and when exactly you see that message. There is no such message inside Daemon setup - seems some system problem.