View Full Version : Alcohol 120 and 52 vs. Daemon Tools

24.12.2008, 14:03
Hi guys:

I'm just curious.

I am aware that Alcohol & Daemon Tools basically use a similar engine.
So which one is better?
Why should I go for Daemon Tools?

I already have Alcohol's program what benefits would I get with Daemon Tools?

Another benefit of Alcohol is its ACID which works a lot like YASU.

Sorry I do not know where to place this so I put it here.


24.12.2008, 14:05
DAEMON Tools Pro can backup Tages, Alcohol not.
DAEMON Tools Pro Adv. has vIDE, Alcohol not.
DAEMON Tools Pro Adv. has an image convertor, Alcohol not.

24.12.2008, 14:26
Use whichever your find works best for you. In my case, I have both (bought a copy of DTools back when I first switched to x64, and got a free copy of DT Pro). I use Alcohol predominately, but also have the vIDE for those occassions where I have difficulty with vSCSI. Personally speaking, I prefer the GUI of Alcohol, but it all comes down to personal preference. If you've already got Alcohol, download the trial of DT Pro and see which you prefer. Or do like me and use both.

24.12.2008, 14:30
DAEMON Tools Pro Adv. has vIDE, Alcohol not.


What advantage does vIDE give?

What copy protections need this technology?

I buy a lot of discs with Star Force & Securom 7.
Two very powerful copy protections.


24.12.2008, 14:32
ProtectDisc is in need of vIDE.
StarForce doesn't matter.
SecuROM does.
SafeDisc 4.90 also.