View Full Version : Problem with updating from DT Lite 4.30.1 to both .2 and .3

04.01.2009, 15:45
Hi. I've got a Vista Home Basic x86 laptop and every time I try to upgrade my 4.30.1 DT to 4.30.2 (or 4.30.2 to .3) this happens: DAEMON Tools does not get installed. Everything is there EXCEPT for the executable of daemon.exe and the translation .dll files.
If I try to put it manually via extracting with 7-zip, it will pop up a "1055" error and close.
The only way to get rid of it is via a uninstall and a reinstall shortly after. I don't lose my virtual devices configs, but... THERE'S NO UNINSTALL ENTRY IN ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS.
Any way to get rid of it in the next version? :)
P/D: I have WinDefender... but I authorized every change related to DAEMON's install. And it recognised the IOCTL driver (randomname.sys) and SPTD (sptd.sys, IoctlSvc.exe)

04.01.2009, 16:14
It got removed there due to blacklisting of some protections. You can uninstall it using uninst.exe in install folder or through Start -> Programs -> DAEMON Tools Lite -> Uninstall

05.01.2009, 14:38
Maybe try rebooting and installing without antivirus and antispyware and see if DAEMON Tools can install and uninstall itself properly.

09.01.2009, 21:05
Maybe try rebooting and installing without antivirus and antispyware and see if DAEMON Tools can install and uninstall itself properly.

There's no problem to uninstall, though. Uninst.exe works like a charm for me. (Just wondering why DT didn't show up in Add or Remove programs.)

But the very nightmare begins when you try to install OVER an existing version. It always fails, and I don't know why it installs half application: manifests, Visual C libraries, etc. are OK, but NO DT exe, no DaemonPlugin.dll, no ISOMaker.dll and no translation's DLLs.

02.02.2009, 04:28
DT Lite 4.30.1 worked fine on all my 4 systems (WinXP SP3 32-bit, US English).

But when I updated to 4.30.2 and later 4.30.3, it could only install/upgrade on 2 systems.

Normally when I ran the daemon430x-lite.exe, a Language selection dialog will prompt immediately, then followed by Welcome to Setup Wizard screen. On 2 failed systems, those windows never came up. Instead, I saw a quick window of "Please wait while setup is loading, unpacking data ...", and nothing happened. I checked the Task Manager, the daemon430x-lite.exe was consuming all the CPU. After a few minutes, still nothing would happen. When I killed the process, a window (sometimes) popped up with error code 256.

What had changed in the installation packaging of .2 and .3?

The only differences I can think of the 2 systems that failed with 4.30.2 & 3 are both based on VIA Nehemia 733MHz CPU. Not sure if that matters though.

I have enjoyed using the daemon-tool for the past 4 years, really appreciate the great tool the developers have made available for free :). Thanks.

02.02.2009, 20:41
There weren't any changes except setup's content.
Is it the same file you are trying to install (not that setup is corrupt)?

03.02.2009, 00:41
The same daemon430x-lite.exe from a network share was used on all 4 systems. Just downloaded daemon4303-lite.exe again, and compared with the existing one. They're identical.

03.02.2009, 14:28
Language dialog only shows up when you haven't had installed a version before.
Your temp folder has enough free space?

05.02.2009, 02:01
The language dialog did pop up on a system previously installed with 4.30.1.
That's not the point. I had tried fresh and update installs for so many times.
And there are plenty of spaces in the file systems.

I also tried the pro versions 4300303 and 4300304, they exhibited the same behavior as daemon4303-lite.exe before.

I ran procmon to see the activities of daemon4303-lite.exe as compared to daemon4301-lite.exe. It seemed that daemon4303-lite.exe was stuck in an infinite loop, loading images of setuphlp.dll and 3 other system dll's, query some registry keys, create thread, query more registry keys and open some files, the thread then exit. It kept on repeating these, using up all available CPU time.

Thanks for the fast responses. Hope this will provide some clue to solving this weird problem.