View Full Version : DT lite, Create an image file (vpc2007)

05.01.2009, 19:26
Hi everyone,

I installed DT lite 4.30.3 on a virtual XP (using Microsoft virtual pc2007 - Vpc). Everything seems to work like a charm except the create image file tools.

Screenshot of the problem :

Vpc uses a physical device of my computer, so the expansion disc (D: ) is currently in my px716 device (E: is a virtual device from DT). But DT lite doesn't see it, even if i click on Refresh button (Actualiser on the screen).
I try to restart DT, no change.
I also try to reboot the virtual pc, no change too.

05.01.2009, 19:46
Will check that issue, but somehow i think that drive is not supported at all (the extra one from Virtual PC)

EDIT: yes, it is the drive.

09.01.2009, 21:05
I just want to see if I understand, DAEMON Tools doesn't support reading from a plextor 716? If so, what about playback of RMPS discs?

09.01.2009, 21:13
It is the drive from vpc.

09.01.2009, 21:21
Ok, so in devide manager it will show you a normal screenshot that looks like the drive is real but it will actually not work for DAEMON Tools. You can plugin a real printer and it will show in device manager as real, but to DAEMON Tools this kind of plugged in device is just 'not real enough.'