View Full Version : MCI Audio Driver and Daemon Tools

16.02.2004, 15:24
Operating System: Windows 2k SP4
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44


I'm trying to run Lode Runner - The legend returns off a virtual drive. Its a fairly old game, but it does work under windows 2000 when i have the orig CD in my burner. But when i do a 1:1 rip with clone CD, mount, install and attempt to run it complains that it cannot find the CD. It then says to ensure that MCI audio drivers are installed properly.

Has anyone had a problem like or know how to solve this?


16.02.2004, 15:40
Seems to be a drive letter problem - try to install the game from virtual drive. Also check if you've enabled digital audio for the virtual device(s) -> device manager -> DVD/CD-ROM -> properties.

17.02.2004, 02:34
I did install from the virtual drive, and in the loderunner.ini it is telling the game to look at the virtual drive. I'm guess it trys other CDroms after it can't find it in one. I did change the ini file to point to a non-existant drive and it still loaded fine when the orig CD was in the drive.

I tried to play the CD audio from the CD in the windows CD player and it worked just fine. Thou i did look for a way to enable digital audio but found none.

I look in MCI cd audio properties and it showed the virtual drive as 2nd on the list.

I also burnt the image and tried that in my regular CD driver and it works to.

Is this my computer/current install or the image or deamon tools?

17.02.2004, 23:18
I guess it's because Daemon Tools drive is 2nd drive in your system.
You can try to swap the driveletters. Some games (especially such old
games) won't run from any drive except from the first logical drive letter.
f.e. if your physical drive is d: and daemon drive is e: , it's possible that
game only start from drive d:

18.02.2004, 07:02
Thanks! worked perfectly once i switched the drive letters aroud, the games INI file had me fooled into thinking it checked more then the first.