View Full Version : No access to a link copied to forum

17.01.2009, 12:50

I've posted a link to one of "Astroburn Support" threads into "Russian Section" forum (a thread titled "Український переклад для Astroburn"). However, I get access denied error, when I click that link.
Is it the limitation of the link usage in forums that was mentioned sometimes? I was thinking it was about external links only.

17.01.2009, 13:00
You got redirected to a forum which you don't have access to.

17.01.2009, 14:26
I had created that post few minutes before. So, I definitely should have access to that forum. ;)

17.01.2009, 15:44
Sure, but the link which you posted gets redirected to a forum you don't have access to. So it seems some error in redirecting.