View Full Version : MSN messenger and xp firewall

16.02.2004, 22:42
Hello, I would like an advice in the use of MSN messenger :

I use WIN XP PRO and its firewall and MSN 6.1

I should say I used XP firewall because now it is impossible to have an audio conversation when the firewall is activated :cry:

A few days ago, I was able to use both XP firewall and MSN audio features without any problem, but I had a little problem at windows startup (hang !) and had to get an old startup configuration (the one XP assumed to be the last good);
now I need to disable the firewall to make MSN audio feature works .

Any idea ??



16.02.2004, 22:47
Check which ports the MSN features use, then open those ports in the eXPerimental firewall :mrgreen:

17.02.2004, 17:10
Or.. use another firewall ! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: