View Full Version : NEED HELP - Download then burn Youtube videos

29.01.2009, 23:50
I have the latest version of Astroburn and I can't make it download any videos from YouTube. I want to burn some DVDs with these videos and the only thing that pops up when I click on the video is RealPlayer. There is no other choice in the little window that pops up. It asks "Do you want to download this video on RealPlayer?". I don't have a RealPlayer upgrade (which costs too much) and the only way that I can burn any videos on RP is to upgrade (there's no ability to burn without it).

So, how can I download a video from YouTube onto Astroburn so that I can burn it to DVD?

29.01.2009, 23:57
Just download them and then drag'n'drop the downloaded flv files into Astroburn's project panel.

30.01.2009, 00:06
I tried to do that, but it wouldn't let me. When I start to drag over the files from RealPlayer, a circle with a slash through it appears. Now what?

01.02.2009, 14:56
Try a website called keepvid.