View Full Version : Daemon did not install scsi adapter. DO NOT OFFER TO REMOVE IT!!!!!

30.01.2009, 03:46
I uninstalled daemon tools lite. It also uninstalled virtual scsi adapter because when I reinstalled daemon tools, I get this message that virtual scsi adapter is not installed.

How can I reinstall virtual scsi adapter? Is there something that I can download from this site to fix this problem?

Can I use my Windows CD to fix this? How???

Need some help.

NOTE: I am using windows xp, sp3, .netframework 3.5

30.01.2009, 05:02
Installation of daemon tools does not show installing scsi adapter but uninstalling the tool shows the option to remove scsi adapter.

A lot of dummies like myself ends up removing scsi adapter and ends with a screwed up system!!!!!

I do believe that scsi adapter comes with windows and daemon did not install it. Therefore: I think it is just proper that daemon should not offer whatsoever to remove it because it can be use by other apps!!!!!!!!!

30.01.2009, 15:19
Daemon Tools' virtual SCSI adapter is automatically added during installation, and automatically removed when uninstalling. Other possibly present virtual/real SCSI adapters aren't touched.

When uninstalling you are asked:
This has nothing to do with the SCSI adapter itself, but the personal settings of virtual drives, e.g. the number of drives set, or device parameters.

Someone please move the thread

31.01.2009, 00:21
Thanks for the idea.

I got it fix now.