View Full Version : Virtual daemon manager help

16.02.2004, 23:00
hey my naems alen ....when i try to load a *.ccd file into the Virtual daemon manager it says unable to mount image, image size mismatch.
Can this be fixed....plez answer[/img]

16.02.2004, 23:50
Do you use v3.44, and what kind of image is this (audio, data, mix-mode)?

17.02.2004, 00:34
its a data....it has a cue file...2 sub files..1 ccd file and 1 img file
and also when i try to burn it with clondcd...i get this error i get an errror for clone cd....after press OK "swapdisc.sub does not match to swapdisc.img"

17.02.2004, 10:30
Re-create the image from your original cd.